Asiatique The Riverfront Bangkok – A New, Popular Tourist Attraction by the Chao Phraya River

Asiatique is a relatively new and popular tourist attraction by the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok. It’s a place where you can spend a nice evening looking for souvenirs, fashion, enjoy some food and drinks and simply take in the lively and laid-back atmosphere.   This place used to be warehouses long time ago, but … Read more

Underwater Wedding Ceremony in Trang, Thailand

A wedding is a special event that you will remember for the rest of your life – so why not make it really special. Like an underwaterwedding in Thailand. Even thought the name is actually quite self-explanatory, you might still be wondering how this works. So here’s how: a loving couple actually does the wedding ceremony … Read more

Surprising Thai Murals (Video Lecture)

If you’re a bit into quirky culture, then this video about the unusual temple murals of Thailand could be interesting to you. Murals are wall paintings which can often be found in temples in Thailand. So it shouldn’t be surprising that most murals depict scenes out of the Buddha’s life, or communicate Buddhist beliefs and … Read more

Visiting a tea farm in mountains of Northern Thailand

Agro-tourism is something that is particularly interesting for people who grew up in cities. We usually buy our food in stores, and even though we know that it comes from farms, or oceans, or mountains, and other places, we don’t really know how it came to be. Agro-tourism is a way of experiencing first hand, … Read more

Traditional Thai Fishing Village Life Style

There are still many small local communities in different parts of Thailand that live in pretty much traditional ways. Times are changing for these people too, but at a much slower pace than they do in the big cities or in most developed countries. Here is a fascinating documentary about shell gleaners in Southern Thailand, … Read more

Death Railway, River Kwai

If you’re looking for a really scenic train ride – taking the Death Railway from Kanchanaburi (Western Thailand) is it! The train ride starts with a historic highlight: you drive over the Bridge over the River Kwai. Once you’ve crossed this bridge, you get to enjoy a scenic ride through the Kwai Noi valley. The … Read more


Nan is located in North-Eastern Thailand, named after the Nan river. It’s a very nice, quite location, a valley surrounded by mountains. Nan is a nice place to visit if you want to go somewhere with not a lot of tourists. The people here have been doing traditional handicrafts for a very long time. If … Read more