Visit Ancient Siam For Free (until 10th June)

Ancient Siam (previously known as Ancient City) is a great place to visit near Bangkok if you are interested in Thai history, culture and architecture.

It’s like a huge park where there are important historical buildings from different provinces of Bangkok. If you go to the northern area of the park, you find many northern style Thai buildings, and other things related to Northern Thai culture.

If you go to the Southern park of Ancient Siam, you find Southern style buildings and learn more about the life, culture, foods and arts of Southern Thailand.

They have created these “villages” from different regions of the countries, and you can learn about interesting aspects of Thai village life.

It’s a great way to discover the diversity of Thailand and see things with your own eyes, rather than just reading or hearing about them.

Usually the entry ticket costs 500 Baht, but right now until 10th of June 2012 you can go for free. So we just wanted to give you the heads up on that! And if you want to visit Ancient Siam with your personal tour guide be free to contact us of course 🙂

You can also visit the official Ancient Siam website to see more about the place.

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