Bangkok Tour Guide

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and Thailand’s largest city with a population of over 11 million. When you think of Bangkok you probably visualize bustling nightlife, intense heat and a highly dense tropical environment. If so, then you are correct. Bangkok receives millions of international visitors year-round who travel there for medical tourism, the nightlife, cheap shopping, high-class pampering, to become more immersed with the teachings of Buddha and more. Now there are many, many things to do in Bangkok and unless you are independently wealthy you will not have enough time to see and do it all. Because of this reason, many opt to purchase a package tour. While that may seem like a good way to experience Bangkok, you should really look into hiring a private guide.

A private guide will be your own personal Bangkok guide. The keyword here is “personal.” When you book a package tour that is offered at a travel agency, online or otherwise, you are really doing Bangkok trip a disservice.

First let’s discuss the basic or most important for most people – cost. These package tours are expensive. Sure you may save a lot of money on flights, hotels and car rentals through travel agencies. But when you add a package tour, your price skyrockets. These tours are overly priced and the appeal to those who are looking for convenience. Everyone wants convenience, but at what price? Then consider that you are simply filling the pockets of corporations who are honestly, not truly financially struggling. With a private guide, you are putting money back into the Thai community. There are many Thais that are financially comfortable, but many more are not. Hiring a private guide is a way to boost the economy of the Thai people, versus international corporations.

Next, when selecting a package tour, realize there will be others on that same tour. Not just people who are traveling in your group, but travelers from around the world. Now you may get lucky and everyone in the tour will be well-behaved throughout the tour – but don’t always count on it, there always seems to be that one person who seems to have made it their goal to be disruptive. Is that really fair to you, considering the costs of the package tour? No it isn’t. Then you also have to take into consideration that you are on a strict timeline. If you want spend more time at Wat Pho, gazing at the beauty of the reclining Buddha – you’re out of luck because the group has to hurry and move on to the next site on the itinerary.

With a private guide, you can be sure that your trip and sight-seeing will be carefree. You don’t have to worry about annoying travelers and you can spend as much time as you want doing what you want. This is your private guide after all. The Bangkok guide knows the city in and out; therefore they can give you the best tour by showing some of the places to visit that doesn’t cater to tourists. Your private guide is friendly, helpful and of course fluent in Thai – helping you navigate throughout Bangkok without the stress and unnecessary costs.

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