Splash Jungle Phuket

The Splash Jungle Waterpark in Phuket is a lot of fun if you come with kids. Or adults who have remained kids at heart.

It surely can’t compete with some of the super-gigantic waterparks that can be found in the USA, it’s still a fun way to spend an afternoon.

One of the highlights there is The Boomerang:


Here’s a video of what it’s like. By the way, you should know that that big blue sliding wall there is 15 meters high!

And here’s a point of view video of The Splash Jungle Phuket Boomerang:

And then there is The Superbowl. It spins you around a couple of times in circles before swallowing you through a whole in the center:

Super Bowl at Splash Jungle

Of course they also have waterslides:

Splash Jungle Waterslides

They opened in 2010 – pretty recently, so it’s a safe place to bring your kids and they are well staffed and have plenty of trained safe-guards who oversee everything at all times. They don’t just have lifeguards sitting somewhere, but they also have them in the water with the kids, so even parents who usually tend to worry about their kids can relax here and let them be.

Splash Jungle Waterslide

What’s the food like at Splash Jungle Phuket? Well, mostly Western fare, pretty much the kind of food you’d expect at a waterpark – popular fast food choices and a couple of Thai staples. Downside, you can’t bring your own food so you should calculate that in addition to the ticket prices you’ll pay.

It’s not cheap – prices are around 1500 Baht (50 USD or 40 Euro) for an adult and half that for kids. For that you get a lot of fun and safetly lockers to keep your valuables safe and dry. So you really want to make sure to come here early, otherwise, if you arrive in the afternoon, you might regret that you’ve spend all that money and then don’t have enough time to enjoy it fully.

This is specially true if you stay at the popular Phuket Pathong beach – because Splash Jungle Phuket is very far away from it, almost an hour.

Some parents are happy, because young kids are often full of energy – and this place provides plenty of opportunity for them to use that energy till they’re tired. (Those scheming parents!). It can get a bit uninteresting for adults though after a while, so you might wanna bring something to read, or if you have an iPad or a smartphone… And yes, they do have a sauna, massages, a hot spring and a wave pool.

Also, we found the atmosphere is bit… concrete-ish (is that a word?). Meaning, there could really be a bit more green, and a bit more shadow. It can get quite hot here.


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