Traditional Thai Fishing Village Life Style

There are still many small local communities in different parts of Thailand that live in pretty much traditional ways. Times are changing for these people too, but at a much slower pace than they do in the big cities or in most developed countries.

Here is a fascinating documentary about shell gleaners in Southern Thailand, in the small village of Ban Mondtanoi.

An experience like this you can really only have when you go with a personal tour guide. Tour operators don’t go to these places, and if they do, it turns into a kind of circus where you watch these people, take pictures with them and maybe buy some souvenirs – but you don’t really experience or understand what life is like there. This can only happen when you travel with a very small group and have someone who can introduce you to locals, help to translate and is aware of cultural differences. This way it can be a real encounter that both you and the locals there will remember with joy.

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