Underwater Wedding Ceremony in Trang, Thailand

A wedding is a special event that you will remember for the rest of your life – so why not make it really special. Like an underwaterwedding in Thailand. Even thought the name is actually quite self-explanatory, you might still be wondering how this works.

So here’s how: a loving couple actually does the wedding ceremony under water – in the ocean, while wearing diving gear. And in Thailand, it’s done in the traditional Thai way. (Well, except for the being under water part, which is a rather new invention).

But a picture says more than a thousand words, and a video more than a thousand pictures, so just watch this fascinating video clip to see it with your very own eyes:

This year there will be a large underwater wedding ceremony in Trang – it takes place from February 10-12, 2012.

Unless you want a last-minute wedding, it’s probably not going to be this year, but these wedding ceremonies are taking place every year, and the price is actually a lot more reasonable than you would expect considering the challenging logistics involved.

The first time this event took place was in 1996 – and since then it has become a happy tradition that people in the province of Trang – and visitors from all over the world – enjoy.

Trang in Thailand is the perfect location for this event, because of it’s pristine and colorful coral reefs and the abundance of beautiful marine life there. The water is clear blue and the beaches are white and beautiful.

If you decide to join, this will without a doubt make the memorable event of your wedding even more unforgettable.

Our personal tour guides in Thailand can help you to take care of all the logistics involved, so that you simply enjoy the event, cherish these presious moments and taste the sweetness of love and the warmth of sharing the time with your family and friends in such a unique and adventurous way.

There are many beautiful islands in the province of Trang, so your honeymoon is just a boat ride away in a paradise-like setting. Whether you enjoy exotic Asian flavors or prefer the more familiar tastes of Western cuisine, it’s all there and at the highest quality standards.

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