Try Pottery in Bangkok

When you visit Bangkok, it’s a great opportunity to not just go sightseeing, but also to try something new. It’s a melting pot of cultures and people and lifestyles. And doing something creative, like visiting a pottery workshop in Bangkok, can be a great way to travel not just “on the outside”, but also “on the inside” – it’s a very visceral experience.

And you’ll probably get to know some interesting locals too – because this isn’t a pottery workshop for tourists, but mainly for locals and expats who want to give it a try.

You can just try your hands at just trying to shape something out of clay with your hands and fingers (hand built ceramics), or you can use a pottery wheel (wheel-thrown ceramics). If you’ve never used a pottery wheel, you’ll probably be surprised how fragile a vase made out of clay can be, because more often then not, the first time takes a couple of tries to actually succeed in making a vase.

You can come as an individual and enjoy private instruction, or come with a group, or join an already existing group and participate in a pottery workshop with others.

Both kids and adults can participate, and it’s a great experience at any age. Our Bangkok tour guides will help you to make the most out of your time here and have the maximum amount of fun.

Oftentimes adults are kind of inhibited when it comes to creative activities – because they hold believes like: “I’m not creative. I’m not an artistic person.”

But ultimately, everybody has some artistic talent in them, it’s part of being human.

And pottery is ideal to get in touch with your inner artist – because it is very direct. It is very unfiltered. It’s not so abstract. It’s an immediate medium. You take something into your hands – and you create something out of it. It’s primal, it’s easy, and at the same time it can be taken to the highest levels of complexity. But for beginners it’s wonderful because you can start and immediately see and feel the art which you create.

And why Bangkok? Well, for one, you’re already coming here. And another reason is that Thai people are very friendly and easy-going, and in a relaxed atmosphere it can be a lot more fun to express your creative self.

There are many other options to become creative and artistic in Bangkok, and if you’re interested our personal tour guides can show you some of the many creative corners of this vibrant city, where ancient traditions and modern development merge in ways that are unique to this place.

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