Underwater Wedding Ceremony in Trang, Thailand

A wedding is a special event that you will remember for the rest of your life – so why not make it really┬áspecial. Like an underwaterwedding in Thailand. Even thought the name is actually quite self-explanatory, you might still be wondering how this works. So here’s how: a loving couple actually does the wedding ceremony … Read more

Visiting a tea farm in mountains of Northern Thailand

Agro-tourism is something that is particularly interesting for people who grew up in cities. We usually buy our food in stores, and even though we know that it comes from farms, or oceans, or mountains, and other places, we don’t really know how it came to be. Agro-tourism is a way of experiencing first hand, … Read more

Bangkok Dining in the Largest Restaurant

The Royal Dragon Restaurant once was the world’s largest restaurant. And it’s located in Bangkok. Now, another restaurant in another country has taken that place (we won’t mention them here… after all, they took our title) ­čśë But dining here is nonetheless an experience. More than 1000 people work here and will take care of … Read more