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Underwater Wedding Ceremony in Trang, Thailand

A wedding is a special event that you will remember for the rest of your life – so why not make it really special. Like an underwaterwedding in Thailand. Even thought the name is actually quite self-explanatory, you might still be wondering how this works.

So here’s how: a loving couple actually does the wedding ceremony under water – in the ocean, while wearing diving gear. And in Thailand, it’s done in the traditional Thai way. (Well, except for the being under water part, which is a rather new invention).

But a picture says more than a thousand words, and a video more than a thousand pictures, so just watch this fascinating video clip to see it with your very own eyes:

This year there will be a large underwater wedding ceremony in Trang – it takes place from February 10-12, 2012.

Unless you want a last-minute wedding, it’s probably not going to be this year, but these wedding ceremonies are taking place every year, and the price is actually a lot more reasonable than you would expect considering the challenging logistics involved.

The first time this event took place was in 1996 – and since then it has become a happy tradition that people in the province of Trang – and visitors from all over the world – enjoy.

Trang in Thailand is the perfect location for this event, because of it’s pristine and colorful coral reefs and the abundance of beautiful marine life there. The water is clear blue and the beaches are white and beautiful.

If you decide to join, this will without a doubt make the memorable event of your wedding even more unforgettable.

Our personal tour guides in Thailand can help you to take care of all the logistics involved, so that you simply enjoy the event, cherish these presious moments and taste the sweetness of love and the warmth of sharing the time with your family and friends in such a unique and adventurous way.

There are many beautiful islands in the province of Trang, so your honeymoon is just a boat ride away in a paradise-like setting. Whether you enjoy exotic Asian flavors or prefer the more familiar tastes of Western cuisine, it’s all there and at the highest quality standards.

If you want a romantic, remote getaway on an (almost) undiscovered island, or prefer to have a wide range of activities and a well-developed touristic infrastructure, we can help you to plan your honeymoon in Thailand to ensure that everything will go smoothly. And we help to custom tailor your experience to you as much detailed as you wish too.

Our experience in event planning, trip planning and the hospitality industry will enable you to make it just perfect.

Visiting a tea farm in mountains of Northern Thailand

Agro-tourism is something that is particularly interesting for people who grew up in cities. We usually buy our food in stores, and even though we know that it comes from farms, or oceans, or mountains, and other places, we don’t really know how it came to be. Agro-tourism is a way of experiencing first hand, and see with our own eyes, how things are produced, grown and made into food.

There is a farm by the Boon Rawd Brewery in the very far North of Thailand – the province of Chiang Rai – that has now been opened to tourists.

It’s been establishes in 1983, and there’s lots of jujube being grown there. Jujube is a kind of Asian date, and it’s used in many east-Asian traditional medical systems to alleviate stress.

But we personally find the tea farm a lot more interesting – you can visit the tea plantation and chew some fresh tea leaves. This might not sound very tempting, but if you are someone who likes tea, it’s a great experience – fresh tea leaves are bitter at first, but when you chew them a kind of sweet essential oil aroma enfolds inside your mouth, which gives your mouth a very pleasant fresh and “rounded” feeling. Also, it gives you a very calm and relaxed energy boost. Some of our personal tour guides know where wild tea plants grow in Thailand, and when they let clients taste them people often fall in love with it.

There’s a restaurant where you can try different foods which contain tea leaves too.

The tea that’s grown here is Oolong tea, and most of it is made for export to Taiwan. Many people don’t think of Thailand as a tea producing country, but tea cultivation dates back many centuries already. In the mountain ranges of Northern Thailand, you have the ideal climate for growing Oolong tea, and seedlings of some of Taiwans finest tea plants have been brought to these areas and ascendants of Taiwanese tea cultivars are overseeing the farms.

Bangkok Dining in the Largest Restaurant

The Royal Dragon Restaurant once was the world’s largest restaurant. And it’s located in Bangkok. Now, another restaurant in another country has taken that place (we won’t mention them here… after all, they took our title) 😉

But dining here is nonetheless an experience.

More than 1000 people work here and will take care of all your gustatory desires. They have seating for 5000 guests.

What’s more… the staff is not the usualy kind of restaurant staff. They serve your food on roller skates. (This not just ensures fast delivery and deliciously hot food, but is also fun to watch and entertaining. Of course, if you are with one of our selected Bangkok tour guides, you won’t need any kind of entertainment. You could sit down in a dark room with your eyes closed and still have fun, because we provide so quality service that you’ll be bursting with happiness at any given time… um…)

It makes for a great experience. The food is good too. (Honestly – how many places that provide a great experience fail when it comes to providing delicious food?). However, the prices are high, and you can get the same (and better) quality food for considerably lower prices – but then, you want have all the bells and whistles, which makes a visit to the Royal Garden Restaurant a trip worthwhile your time 🙂