Bangkok Dining in the Largest Restaurant

The Royal Dragon Restaurant once was the world’s largest restaurant. And it’s located in Bangkok. Now, another restaurant in another country has taken that place (we won’t mention them here… after all, they took our title) 😉

But dining here is nonetheless an experience.

More than 1000 people work here and will take care of all your gustatory desires. They have seating for 5000 guests.

What’s more… the staff is not the usualy kind of restaurant staff. They serve your food on roller skates. (This not just ensures fast delivery and deliciously hot food, but is also fun to watch and entertaining. Of course, if you are with one of our selected Bangkok tour guides, you won’t need any kind of entertainment. You could sit down in a dark room with your eyes closed and still have fun, because we provide so quality service that you’ll be bursting with happiness at any given time… um…)

It makes for a great experience. The food is good too. (Honestly – how many places that provide a great experience fail when it comes to providing delicious food?). However, the prices are high, and you can get the same (and better) quality food for considerably lower prices – but then, you want have all the bells and whistles, which makes a visit to the Royal Garden Restaurant a trip worthwhile your time 🙂

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