Bangkok Street Food Guide

Bangkok is one of worlds best cities for foodies. If you love freshly prepared, high-quality food (and want to get great value for your money), nothing beats Bangkok.

But you need to know your way around. Because the streets of Bangkok not only offer LOTS of delicious street food stalls… there are even more mediocre and miserable street food stalls. And being able to tell one from the other is an important skill to have.

Now, if you’re exploring with your personal Thailand tour guide then all is fine – you have a trusted advisor by your site. But if you’re on your own… the next best thing you can do is to check out the book Bangkok’s Top 50 Street Food Stalls.

And if you’re really deep into Thaifood, you will surely appreciate her delicious blog, where she writes about things such as What your Khao Man Gai place says about you.

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