The Grand Palace of Bangkok

The Grand Palace of Bangkok is a place that every visitor to Bangkok should see – at least if you have any interest in Thai culture. The construction of this palace started in the same year when Bangkok was made into the capital of Thailand, 1782.

Back then, Chinese immigrants lived here, and they moved to the current day Chinatown when the palace was built here.

Today, the King of Thailand does not live here anymore – but sometimes royal celebrations are held here.

You can see a 360-degree photo of the Grand Palace on this website.

Many visitors find the temple on the compounds of the Grand Palace even more interesting, especially the murals. These are paintings on the walls of the temple that tell the story of the Thai national epic, the Ramakien. We will talk about that in a future blog post 🙂

If you plan to visit the Grand Palace, it’s a good idea to bring a personal tour guide with you so that you can better understand the structures, symbols, meaning and history of the place.


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