How to avoid jetlag when coming to Thailand?

Jetlag can be annoying, and for some people it takes up to 5 days to adjust to a new time zone.

However, there are a couple of things you can do to avoid jetlag when coming to Thailand. In this article you will find some tips from our personal tour guides for your Thailand trip that helped many people to adjust to “Thai time” quickly.

One thing is to just get some good rest before you get on the airplane – sometimes people cram all kinds of things into the last couple of days and nights before their vacation, miss out on sleep and exhaust themselves before their trip. This is not a good idea. You should at least get 7 hours of sleep each night before the trip.

Also, you can already start to adapt to the different time zone a couple of days in advance. So for example, if you are flying to Thailand and you come from Europe, then just get up earlier and go to bed earlier during the days prior to your flight.

Another trick is exposure to bright light in the early morning. This reprograms your internal clock, and will make it easier to get up early and go to sleep earlier.

And on the day of the flight itself – try to avoid heavy meals, and instead eat lightly. Don’t drink coffee or alcohol.

If you arrive in Thailand during the daytime, then go out and get some sun exposure. Walking around a bit is good, but take it easy. Remember Thailand is a tropical country, and the heat and strong sun can be quite intense when you come here from a cold climate.

And also, drink lots of water, at least one glass of water each hour.

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